Monday, June 09, 2008

Tim Ross

Tonight at our Second Monday Workshop, Tim Ross brought his poem titled Your Eyes Are Changing. Judy brought her poem titled Memorial and I didn't have a poem. It was just us at the workshop tonight. Here is Tim's poem; I will post the revision after he revises it. Meanwhile, if you are reading this and would like to leave a comment as to how this poem might be improved, please do leave your comment here. I'm keeping all the obvious errors in usage & spelling in the poem until the revision. He is also working on a song for which this poem will be the lyrics.

Your Eyes Are Changing

Your eyes are changing they no longer are looking at me.
They don't see what it was, when they use to see.
Your eyes are seeing thing differently.
Your central cortexes is cut off and it no longer visualize me.
Your interaction seems to turn Grey, when I came in to view.
Your eyes are changing they don't act as they did,
may take in but don't putout as they uses to.
Your eyes are interpiting me in a whole new way.
They don't perceive to remain infocus when they glance my way.
Your eyes don't see what there was to be seen.
And know scatter the light into a misty Grey.

Your eyes are changing they don't perceive me as they did,
My lies come out to hunt me as they looked at me instead.
They have no intention to remain around and stay.
Your eyes are changing, they aren't seeing me as they alt to.
They only see that I am just a fool.

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