Sunday, June 22, 2008

Spiritually Seeking

I See You
by Abhaa

I woke up to a sudden fortune

the day

the hour
the moment
You met me

To my pleasant surprise

It was you who I was searching for

the joy inexpressible!

Oh I wasted
these many years

without you
In search of vague desires

Was it not really for you my love
that I scorched in the fires of illusions

of hoping to find you someday?

Yes my love, my life, my self
its none but You
the Sun that you are
without who I can now
never imagine me see the Self

Meditating upon your words

your speech, your voice
in the melody of my songs
I see you

Now that I have clear definitions of

my wants
my desires
my possessions
and that's you you and you alone

Here we have a poem from a contemporary Hindi poet and friend of mine named Abhaa. In this poem, the speaker is addressing her spiritual master, Swami Vivekananda, who is in some respects identified with the universal god consciousness. The speaker is port
rayed as one who has been spiritually seeking and realizes her oneness with her spiritual master. The chief sense of this poem is one of achievement, of having achieved. I like this poem because it is a simple reminder that spirituality and faith can bring joy and peace to oneself and can then possibly result in bringing inspiration to others. Such a vision is easy to lose sight of in our busy lives of appointments, posturing and expectations. I am grateful to Abhaa for sharing her love in this way. It is a most generous kindness.


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Sayings of Swami Vivekananda----Audio

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