Saturday, February 21, 2009

Diane Lockward

Diane Lockward's poem "Linguini" was recently featured at Garrison Keillor's radio show "The Writer's Almanac". With generosity and good humor, Ms. Lockward writes at her blog about the poem. Here is an excerpt:

The idea for "Linguini" came when I read a poem called "The Blended Family," by Carol Potter. I found Potter's poem in [Winter 2003] Prairie Schooner. What I noticed about that poem was that each line ended with the word "spaghetti." I started thinking that I'd like to write a poem about linguini. Initially, I tried ending each line with that word. But soon I abandoned that effort as the poem took on its own life. It, too, wanted repetition, but the repetitions are scattered throughout the poem and in the different forms of pasta that appear. I seriously doubt that anyone would draw a connection between the two poems, but I remain grateful to Potter for her poem which served as my muse.

And now I'm thinking I might like to try a poem about ravioli.
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