Thursday, June 19, 2008

Philosophy of Poetry

According to Wikipedia, the Philosophy of Art is part of Aesthetics. So a Philosophy of Poetry would also be a part of Aesthetics, apparently.

Aesthetics (also spelled esthetics and æsthetics) is commonly known as the study of sensory or sensori-emotional values, sometimes called judgments of sentiment and taste.[cite this quote]art, culture and nature."[1][2] Aesthetics is a subdiscipline of axiology, a branch of philosophy, and is closely associated with the philosophy of art.[cite this quote] Aesthetics studies new ways of seeing and of perceiving the world.[3] More broadly, scholars in the field define aesthetics as "critical reflection on
from Wikipedia: Aesthetics accessed 6/19/08.

Someone will want to argue that poetry is a performance art and that is where the sensory aspect is. okay. Also, according to a brief Wikipedia entry, axiology is the study of quality or value. Funny that word never shows up in Robert M. Pirsig's The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. I read that book for a class when I was a freshman at The University of Akron in Ohio. That would have been in the Spring of 1986. A great searching book, I've read it twice. I wonder what Harold Bloom and Clement Greenberg think of the Philosophy of Art/aesthetics. And Roland Barthes and Jacques Derrida and the Russian literary critic - can't think of his name just now.

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