Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Paper Cuts

Tonight at The White Crow Conservatory of Music in Saginaw (Michigan, USA), I had the pleasure of meeting Eli and her friend Matt. Eli reminded me we had met before, when she was a student at Meridian High School. I worked there as a substitute teacher a few times, and I subbed for one of her teachers.

DJs at the Christian pop/rock radio station I like (101.7 FM The Fuse). You can listen online at www.1017thefuse.com. I'm lucky because, as it turns out, The Fuse is one of my local radio stations here in mid-Michigan. I doubt that I would have heard of this station if it wasn't local. I enjoy hearing it in my car, at home in the morning and whenever.

Eli has a degree in English from
Alma College which is also here in mid-Michigan. As part of her show at The Fuse, she reviews books. She calls her book reviews Paper Cuts. Naturally I thought of giving her a copy of my chapbook, Philip & the Poet (published by Mayapple Press, 2008), in the hope that she would review it. When I called the station during her show, Eli answered the phone and told me to send the book to her at the station (which I did without delay).

Eli reviewed my chapbook during another one of her shows, and I think she did a great job. The Fuse now has this
Paper Cut online in a podcast. Listen to Eli's review of my chapbook, Philip & the Poet, online at www.1017thefuse.com. The widget down the right-hand side of the homepage has links that you can scroll through until you see the one you want. After you follow the link, click the 'Play' button to make it go.

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