Saturday, September 17, 2005

Pat wrote this for our July RJP Newsletter:

The Birthday Readings: Those in attendance have found that the couple of hours spent informally reading poems by a designated poet is wonderfully relaxing for our group. At the last reading in June we were joined, for awhile, by a photographer from The Saginaw News. Later, Janet Martineau joined us, just listening. It is hoped that an article about our Poet’s Birthday Readings will be the focus of a brief item in the News prior to the July 12th reading. Watch your paper.
Plan to attend any or all of the July and August readings, whether you have any of the poems or not. Those with books will share, or you can just listen, your choice. We are hearing good poetry, trading tid-bits about the poets, getting better acquainted with one another. Enjoyable evenings.

Love, we’re going home now,
where the vines clamber over the trellis:
even before you, the summer will arrive,
on its honeysuckle feet, in our bedroom.
“Love Sonnet XXXIII” by Pablo Neruda

The sleep of this night deepens
because I have walked coatless from the house
carrying the white envelope.
All night it will say one name
in its little tin house by the roadside.

I have raised the metal flag
so its shadow under the read-lamp
leaves an imprint on the rain-heavy bushes.
“Under Stars” by Tess Gallagher

The city squats on my back.
I am heart-sore, stiff-necked,
exasperated. That’s why
I slammed the door,
that’s why I tell you now,
in every house of marriage
there’s room for an interpreter.
“Route Six” by Stanley Kunitz

And a smile:

Mrs. Darwin

7 April 1852
Went to the Zoo.
I said to him –
Something about that Chimpanzee over there
reminds me of you.
by Carol Ann Duffy
from 180 More Extraordinary Poems for Every Day
selected by Billy Collins

Voting for Sept. birthday poets: Included in this mailing is the list of September birthdays of poets. Underline your choices and bring to the picnic, or mail to Pat McN-. Choices will be tallied & scheduled.

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