Friday, March 13, 2009

I don't get it by Joy Leftow

If one was well enough to do everything that one needed to do to get the relief that one needed, then one wouldn’t need the help that one was attempting to get in the first place, would he?

Life is a Catch 22 of the universe.

He said, “I don’t understand why you keep on helping him.”

“I want to,” I said, “It’s a feeling I have to want to. What difference does it make to you?”

Meanwhile we waste time on bullshit. Suddenly it hits me how controlled our lives are. What served as warnings years ago has now come into play. We ignored the critics of our forefathers back in the day.

We’re tracked by GPS. Our cell phones and our credit cards are tracked. Their usage tallied and compiled daily. We’re forced to pay more than our share of taxes while the Masonry lead our government, their symbols lurking everywhere. Taxes were never meant for the small working class man like you and me, yet we pay our taxes every day, day after day.

Some refuse to see the small insidious ways we’re controlled by society and our jobs our families, our conscience which finally takes their place.

Now even Facebook and MySpace take charge and overwhelm me with enough rules to spin my head. Either I add too many or too little friends. They have trouble deciding. I’d think that adding friends would be a boon but Facebook and MySpace employees become dictators in another virtual reality.

It becomes more and more difficult to understand the world I’m living in.


Marc Mannheimer said...

Two song snippets come to mind, which might be trite, but true. Trite tested and true. Neil Young "We are in control. We are in control." and Adrian Belew, "Hold tight to your dreams, don't let nobody try to change you. Your life is precious, live it right, live it your way." Totally possible, totally imperative. How? Hey, I only make the grand statements, I don't give answers.

Andrew Christ said...

Neil Young is my hero! "Keep on rockin in the free world"