Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Andy Christ Birthday Reading

On October 6, I turned 42. To mark the occasion I hosted an event at the Barnes & Noble bookstore in Saginaw, Michigan. A few special friends celebrated with me and made it a delightful evening together. We had an informal reading of a few poems from my chapbook. The picture here was taken that night. There were two other men in our group who I met that night; they decided they didn't want to be in the picture. I enjoyed hearing their comments on my poems etc, and hearing them read my poems was a treat. They also bought and signed a birthday card to me. I thought the whole experience was delightful. I will keep that birthday card in a special place and not lose it.

We started at 7:15 or so, then decided to go together to a nearby Bennigan's. Jack asked our waiter if they had anything special for customers on their birthday, and the waiter said yes. I was subsequently treated to a huge warm brownie drizzled with fudge and served with two scoops of vanilla ice cream - compliments of Bennigan's. Fortunately the waiter included five spoons with the dessert, and everyone was able to partake of the savory treat. To top it off, the waiter returned with the manager and other wait staff to chant a birthday greeting to me while I was sitting at the table with everyone. Fun!

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