Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jane Hirshfield

Recommended reading

The Writer's Chronicle

Telescope, Well Bucket, Furnace:

Poetry Beyond the Classroom
Jane Hirshfield
March/April 2003

In the late Winter/early Spring of 2003, The Writer's Chronicle published a wonderful essay by Jane Hirshfield. Please find it at the AWP site and enjoy a few minutes today with it.

Click on the photo of Ms. Hirshfield to go to the citation of the poet. For a brief critical introduction to Ms. Hirshfield's poetry, including comments from the poet herself, go to the entry at The Poetry Foundation.

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Joy Leftow said...

Ms. Hirshfield is a very smart lady. You are even smarter to know who to feature in your blog and what to say about them.
thanks for providing this service.

Andrew Christ said...

You got me. ;^) Thanks

Susan Richardson said...

I'm looking forward to checking out this essay - thanks for the recommendation.