Saturday, May 03, 2008

House for Sale

Yes it's true. I'm selling my house. 2217 Tennessee Street, Midland, MI 48642. It's a great place. More pictures and information are available at the Ayre Rinehart website.

I had thought about adding a nice big comfy wooden chair to my yard. I mean one with legs that are seven feet tall. The empty chair would be in imitation of the Jewish custom of leaving an empty seat at the seder meal during Passover for a spiritual guest. Isaiah et. al. are welcome at my humble abode any time.

I can only admire and appreciate the work artist Melanie Cole did for her 2008 Emily Carr Institute Graduation Project, for which she earned herself an A. She painted a huge Waldo on a rooftop in Vancouver, hoping Google Earth satellites will capture the image and that users of the software will be able to find her Waldo. Read more about it at her blog.

I am including Tom & Connie Messinger's picture here. They are the realtors most interested in getting my property sold. Call them at (989) 631-7000 and tell them you want to buy my house. They'll be happy to help with that.

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greg rappleye said...

Good Luck!

Andrew Christ said...

Thanks Greg! I figure if I don't lose my shirt I'll be doing okay...

Gloria Vanderheyden said...

That is a rather large house, based on the picture. It has a wide lawn too - perfect for some horsing around with the kids and the family dog. I'm glad that you have a new life in a new home. May you enjoy happier times with your loved ones in your new abode! Cheers!

Ofelia Bertrand said...

I’m with Gloria on this. That house looks big! I hope it didn’t take you too long to sell the house. I know bigger houses tend to stay a little longer on the market because some people are reticent due to prices, but hopefully, that wasn’t the case with your beautiful old home. How has life been in your new home?