Saturday, October 08, 2005

Join the effort to conquer the world with poetry!! Go with two or three friends to your favorite bookstore and tell the bookstore people you'd like to read poetry by a poet whose birthday it is. Use this blog to help find the birthdays of poets. Do this a few times and see if the bookstore people will put up some sort of sign or flyer announcing your upcoming occasions for poetry. Then contact the Arts Editor of your local paper and invite her to one of your upcoming occasions. When the going gets rough, just remember, "Poetry saved my life once. It can do it again."
Fellow Poets!!
Rita Dove responded by snail mail to the birthday card we snail-mailed to her!!

Dated September 22, 2005, it is addressed to
River Junction Poets
PO Box 20162
Saginaw, MI 48602-0162

Dear River Junction Poets,

What a surprise to receive a birthday card from all of you! This has never happened to me before; it's such a sweet gesture.

It must feel terrific to be part of a group of like-minded people who gather to discuss each other's poetic efforts -- I think it's the best way to hone your craft and find your own voice. To have such a group of serious poets read and discuss my work is an honor. Thank you for marking my birthday as you did, and thank you for letting me know about it! Your card is propped up on my desk, where I can look at it and smile.

Best wishes to you,


Rita Dove

From the October RJP Newsletter:
Rita Dove Got Her Birthday Card! -- and responded with a gracious thank you. To quote just one sentence: "To have a group of serious poets read and discuss my work is an honor." Marion T- will share the card with us at our October meeting [4th Wed]. Rita Dove was the first "birthday poet" of the series in the serendipitous brainstorm of Andy C- [to whom we sent a birthday card]. A card signed by those present was sent to her by way of her most recent publisher. SNAIL MAIL LIVES!!!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Remember, America: only YOU can improve the audience for poetry!!